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Nelson First School is a co-educational County First School with an age range of rising 5 to 8 years.

The present building was completed in 1974. It is situated halfway down Northumberland Street, on the right hand side when approaching it from the Dereham Road. The main entrance is on Northumberland Street, but there is also a gate and a small car park by the swimming pool on Nelson Street.

Nelson First School has an indoor swimming pool, which the children use weekly. It is our aim that all children will be able to swim before leaving us.

An ICT suite was established in The Summer Term 2003 and it is used by all classes on a weekly basis.

We are very proud of our new library, which was ready for use from the beginning of the Summer Term 2004. We are grateful to the Nelson School Association which paid for the building materials, carpet etc needed to establish this facility.

Each class has its own outside door. This is where the children enter and leave, at the beginning and end of each school day. Parents should come right to the door to meet their children, so that the teacher can ensure each child is met by a responsible adult.

The offices are just inside the main entrance and the School Administrator can be found there.

It is important, in order to secure the health and safety of your child, that you let the class teacher, Headteacher or office know if there are any changes to collection arrangements for your child at the end of the school day and that you ring the school if, for unavoidable reasons you are held up and you may be late collecting your child. Please inform the school in writing if your child is to be taken home by an older brother or sister.


The school has had three Ofsted inspections, the first was in April 1996 and the most recent in October this year. Copies of the report of the most recent inspection are available on request, from the school office.
If you have Acrobat Reader installed you can download the latest Ofsted report here.


At the time of publication, there are 7 unstreamed classes of children in the school. Year groups are numbered in accordance with the National Curriculum –Yr R, Yr 1, Yr 2 and Yr3.


At 8 years old, most children transfer to Wensum Middle School. However if you live outside the school’s designated area you will be offered a place for your child at the Middle or Primary School, which serves your area. You are of course, able to register your child at any Middle or Primary School as long as that school has space for your child and you are prepared to provide transport to that school.


A privately run pre-school is housed on our site. We have developed a close working relationship with the pre- school

The pre-school may be contacted directly by telephone on Norwich 615355.


The School Governors have adopted the Norfolk County Council Statement of Policy for the curriculum 5 to 16. A copy of the document is available in the school office.


In order to enhance the educational experience of the children at this school some after school clubs are run. The clubs, which are for Year 2 and 3 children, include

• choir
• recorder playing
• country dancing
• jump rope
• science


There are occasions during the year when children are taken out of school for educational visits linked with their schoolwork. Full details are sent home before each visit and it is vital that consent slips are signed and returned to the school before the visit.

Examples of places that children from this school have visited are:

• Gressenhall rural life museum
• The sea life centre at Great Yarmouth
• The Dinosaur Park
• Banham Zoo
• The Nelson museum at Great Yarmouth
• Kingswood educational adventure centre
Sometimes the school plans visits from a theatre company or musicians if it is felt that the performance would be of educational value. For example this school year we have had visits from a puppet theatre and Olly Day’s magic road safety show.


School uniform is not compulsory but most children like to wear the school colours of Navy Blue and Grey. Usually this takes the form of a Navy Blue jumper or school sweatshirt and grey skirt/pinafore or trousers. A white blouse/shirt/polo-top is usually worn.

Jeans, cycle shorts and trainers are not suitable school wear. It should also be noted that for reasons of health and safety, skimpy tops that leave shoulders and mid riffs bare are not suitable items of school clothing.

Sweatshirts, can be ordered ,book bags, PE bags, and swimming hats are sold at the school office.

PE kit

This usually comprises:

• P.E. shoes – plimsolls (no trainers, please)
• Shorts and T-shirt, or leotard for girls (no bare midriffs, please)

In the interests of safety, long hair must be tied back


• One piece swimming costume/ trunks (NB not shorts as these inhibit boys when learning to swim)
• Swimming hat
• Towel

All clothing should be permanently marked with the child’s name for easy identification


We are extremely lucky to have our meals cooked on site. We have a choice of main courses plus a vegetarian option each day and children can choose puddings from a wide variety, which always includes fruit.

The cost of the main course in September will be £1.30p per day or £6.50p per week. The correct amount should be paid at the beginning of the week to the school office. Cheques should be made payable to Norfolk County Council.

Children also need to bring about 50p daily in cash on a daily basis to purchase a pudding. Please place money or in a named envelope or purse. If your child is absent the money will be carried over to the next week, or can be refunded at the end of the school year. If a child goes home on the day after 10.30am, for whatever reason including sickness, the money is forfeited.

Menus are sent home with the children and the day’s choice is displayed on the white board in the hall

If you receive Income Support, Income-based Job Seekers Allowance or Child Tax Credit please collect a form from the Headteacher or the School office to apply for free meals.

The school also provides a place to sit for children who wish to bring a packed lunch. If you include a drink, please ensure that it is not in a glass bottle or a fizzy drink. Children who have a packed lunch can purchase a pudding and/or a drink at lunchtime. They will need to bring about 50p in a named purse or envelope.

If you take your child home for lunch you will need to sign him/her out at the school office. It will also be necessary for you to sign him/her back into school so that we have a record that your child has returned. Any child who goes home to lunch should be returned to the school office at 1.25pm.


The school participates in the free fruit for schools scheme. This enables the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to try a variety of fruit at break time free of charge. For children in Year 3 a variety of fruit can be purchased from the kitchen at break time. If your child is in year 3 and you wish him/her to buy fruit, money must be brought into school in a NAMED purse.


We encourage children to drink small amounts of water throughout the day as this practice has been proved to lead to improve learning and health. If you would like your child to bring water into school please provide water in a NAMED bottle with a SPORTS TYPE TOP (These can be purchased at the school office).


We do hope that you will want to be involved in activities organised by the NSA. They would be delighted if you are able to join their committee, which meets about once a half term. They raise funds for the extras for our school and arrange a variety of activities. This year, for the first time, they are organising a Christmas Fair. Activities they have organised in the past include:

• Christmas raffle
• Easter egg raffle
• Quiz and chips night
• School discos
• Non-uniform day
• Summer Fete

The NSA purchases a Christmas present for every child and books for year 3 leavers. They have also purchased reading books for the school and as you have already read in the general information, paid for the building materials etc needed to establish our very much needed school library.

The NSA is affiliated to the National Confederation of Parent/Teacher Association (NCPTA)


As a school we encourage children to raise funds for various charities. At Harvest time we collected £51.15 for St Martins Housing Trust. We will be collecting bags of sugar for the trust at Christmas. We also support Jeans for Genes day and Children in Need in the autumn term. In the spring term 2005 we raised £542.52 for NCH and in the summer term we donated just over £48 to the children’s’ hospice at Quidenham

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