At Nelson, we are passionate about every child learning to read. Once our children become confident readers they can use their skills to enjoy books, become life long readers and read to learn. We use the Read Write Inc phonics programme at Nelson to learn to read. VIPERS is the programme we use to teach whole class reading and comprehension. VIPERS is an engaging programme that gives teachers the autonomy to select from our range of high quality texts which link with their current Mantle project. We teach VIPERS within whole class teaching sessions to encourage peer to peer support and develop a love for reading alongside developing highly tuned inference and deduction skills. Have a read through our Reading at Nelson brochure below to find out more (click the download button if you want a copy on your device).


Strong readers become strong writers – we use our bespoke Writing Assessment Framework (which includes all National Curriculum objectives) to plan and track the progress of every child, scroll through the pdf below to track the age related expectations for writing at Key Stage 1. Our teachers carefully plan a wide range of writing opportunities through their Mantle projects to give purpose and audience to every child’s writing.