Our Vision, Values and Expectations

Everyday we come together to make discoveries, take on challenges and find the answers to the big questions about ourselves, each other and the world around us. At Nelson we hope you find us:

happy, healthy and safe

honest, kind and respectful

brave and articulate about our work

a community dedicated to the growth of independent,
imaginative, inquisitive, loving and lovable people.

At Nelson we are honest, kind and respectful.

These are our three key values and to us this means:

We are truthful and trustworthy.

We are kind, helpful and mindful.

We are considerate, attentive and thoughtful.

Everyone included and working together for a safe, fair and just school community.

The children agree to

Parent/Carers agree to

The school agrees to

Follow the school values

Praise your child for all their successes

Have high expectations of behaviour and learning

Read daily

Read with your child daily

Create a safe and happy environment

Wear our school uniform

Send your child to school every day, on time, ready to learn

Reward and celebrate achievements

Ask for help when we need it

Stay in touch/communicate with the school

Provide opportunities for activities after and outside of school


Attend half termly meetings with your child’s teacher

Be intolerant of any kind of prejudice

Be ready to work hard

Let the school know if your child is ill or has a problem

Deal urgently and effectively with bullying

Come to school every day

Make sure your child has their school uniform and PE kit

Get in touch if your child is not in school


Encourage high standards of behaviour

Plan exciting, purposeful and challenging learning


Let you know how your child is getting on.

Our Vision
Our Values

Our Vision and Values link strongly with new behaviour policy and capture whole school aspirations. Our posters are displayed prominently in every classroom and in shared areas around the school.