Tasha Bio Pic

Tasha Read

Rowan Class Teacher

Rebecca Buxton

Rebecca Buxton

Rowan Class TA

Lara Harrey

Lara Harrey

Silver Birch Class Teacher

Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynolds

Silver Birch Class TA

Jamie Lee Millman

Jamie-Lee Millman

Teaching Assistant

Amy Mann

Amy Mann

Forest Schools Teacher

Dan Clucas

PE and Games Coach

This term we are...

Thrive 300


Thinking about how we may be feeling during lockdown at home   

Recognising how our emotions make us feel  

Finding ways to manage our emotions effectively and positively 


Understanding the World

We will be having both a Geography (The World) and People and communities focus: - Learning what a community is - We will look at our homes and other buildings found in our community - Talking about people who help us in our community - Beginning to compare our community with a community in another country.


Communication and Language

We will be using our speaking, responding and listening skills in all areas of learning. We will listen and discuss stories and will respond to questions about a text.


Physical Development

This half term we will focus on: - Daily exercise and dance to develop gross motor development. - Developing our understanding of the importance of regular exercise and the impact this has on our body
- Fine motor development through a variety of small finger movement activities. - Continuing to hold and control pens and pencils effectively when writing and in our art work.
As we begin to learn online, we will also learn how to keep ourselves safe when using the internet.



This half term the learning phase is Alive in 5!

Number: using numbers to 5 in a variety of contexts including beginning to use the language more or less. Also developing an understanding of number bonds.

Shape, space and measure: exploring mass using the vocabulary – heavy, light, balance.

Exploring capacity using the vocabulary – full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full, nearly empty



This half term we will be continuing to use the RWI phonics scheme to help us read and write words and sentences. We will also be given daily activities/challenges to develop our writing in fun and engaging ways. In our Hooked on Books sessions, we will develop our understanding of the books we read by looking through focuses ‘lenses’. These will help us to understand characters and settings and develop our spoken and written vocabulary.


Expressive Art and Design

This half term the focus will be joining and attaching materials for a desired outcome such as: - Making worry boxes or worry jars - Creating homes and buildings by attaching junk modelling materials - Creating buildings and structures using bricks and constructions materials. We will think about appropriate equipment needed for a task and use tools (such as paintbrushes and scissors) effectively.



Sports factory session once per week- children develop individual skills and work as a team in fun sporting challenges.

Daily exercise and dance to develop gross motor development. 



In Music sessions with Pete, we will continue to learn a variety of songs and enjoy experimenting with ways of changing them.

Class Meeting

Class Meeting

In our class meetings we will continue to meet and greet each other every morning and update our daily calendar. We will take part in speaking and listening activities (e.g. Show and tell), as well as quick-burst Maths and phonics scavenger hunts.