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Year 1 - meet the team

What a turn-out for our Autumn Year 1 Showcase! Familes filled the hall to watch our Children of the World performance and then spent time in classrooms finding out what Year 1 have learnt over the Autumn Term! Here's some of what they said about the afternoon:

- Really enjoyed the Singing Showcase!

- So lovely to hear all the children singing together.

- Amazing seeing all yoru lovely work and seeing your beautiful classrooms, thank you for sharing.

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This term we are learning...


This half term in Maths we will be learning about place value. Within this unit, we will be learning the vocabulary ‘tens and ones’, checking our one-to-one correspondence, and making sure we know everything there is to know within numbers to 10. We will then move on to addition and subtraction unit, when we will apply our knowledge and understanding of place value to calculating.


Please remember our fantastic reading challenge! To receive a certificate at the end of the week, children will need to read at home 3 times a week. We will also be reading with them in school so there are lots of opportunities to achieve a certificate. Please remember to sign your child’s reading log when you have read with them. Children can have their books changed whenever they have finished a book, and these books must come in every day as we have group readers.


We will start our writing unit with a beautiful story called 'Ruby's Worries' where we will spend time every day stacking sentences then writing our own. Later this half term, we will move on to studying a narrative called 'Rosie's Walk' before looking at a set of instructions 'How to Make a Chocolate Mug Cake!' All our writing sessions involve three chunks - Engage, Model, Innovate to support secure sentence writing.


In Science, we will be exploring the Human Body, with a focus on our senses. We will be exploring how we see and hear, taste, touch and smell through lots of interactive experiments and challenges!


During our Thrive sessions this half term we will be looking at ‘Power and Identity’. Within this, we will be looking at; online safety, personal care of myself, how different people help me in the school community, how I can ask for help within school and within the local community.


Our Geographical skills will be crucial when we start to explore our local area and we will be learning about how to use correct directional language, positioning and Geographical description to develop our confidence in map reading and creating.


In our weekly Music lessons, we will be studying the Charanga unit 'Hey You' which focusses on singing, then playing the song on instruments to accompany our class vocal ensemble. We will then build on our knowledge to  write our own ideas using musical notation!

Outdoor Learning

We take part in a weekly forest school session on a Tuesday each week this term. We will be learning how to tie knots, enjoy the outdoor investigation time, create firest art and even start to learn bushcraft skills such as lighting a fire for nettle tea.


Our classrooms will be covered in beautiful colours this half term as we explore primary colours, secondary colours and which are warm or cool. We will be comparing David Hockney and Monet's creations and trying out techniques for creating tints and shades.


All classes are lucky enough to have specialist sports coaches teaching their P.E. for a session per week. Initially, these sessions will focus on developing fundamental movement skills, both inside and out.

relationship and health education

We use the Jigsaw programme to ensure we cover all the areas of this subject including learning about healthy relationships, exploring our place in the world, physical and mental well-being and British values. This half term, the unit we will be studying is called 'Being Me in My World'.


Our code.org unit this half term is all about algorythms - we will be giving beebots instructions and programming them to follow routes on a map. We will move on to debugging through some detective maze work, and looking at how we use algrythms in our own lives. 

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